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If nothing else this gallery on here does attract a lot of attention an inquisitive questions as to what and why. This is a modern family home with a internal staircase that required one large room and a eunsuite in the loft conversion. The loft conversion was fairly straight forward and with the use of the 4 veluxs windows together as you can see is pretty aesthetically pleasing. Probably a problem that my clients had took for granted is when this house was built the internal staircase with no windows leading onto it was always dark with a even darker upper landing leading to the 4 existing bedrooms. Maybe a design flaw on this home ? who knows ? but i suggested something ive done on quite a few different lofts. A piece of glass in the floor ! Its piece of load bearing, fire proof glass mounted in the floor of the loft conversion. This harnesses the light from the above veluxs and lets it stream down onto the once dreary stairs and landing below. I pinched this idea off a victorian home i once saw that had a few glass slates in the roof and a glass loft access panel for the same reason. I do wonder hove many homes had this origanally that have either broke or have been loft when modernised. This glass by the way does not stop with clear. Over the years ive had some traditional victorian etching done on it , plain frosted and more recently i had the solar system stuck on in a vinyl giving a very nice effect albeit a slightly personalised choice.

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